Sister Margie Byrne - Golden Jubilee

Sister Margie was born on September 21, 1939, in Irishtown, on the North Shore of the Bay of Islands. She grew up as one of twelve children (an older thirteenth sibling died in childhood) and she recalls being beguiled by the sound of the Angelus bell being rung at All Hallows Convent in Corner Brook, which could be heard across the Bay when the weather conditions were right. As a young woman, she enjoyed an active social life with her friends – male and female – but she felt that she wanted something different.

She entered the Presentation Convent in St. John’s, being received by Sister James, the Mother Superior, on September 8, 1961. She professed her first vows on July 15, 1964 and made her final commitment in 1969.

In her fifty years, she has served in convents all over Newfoundland, from Harbour Main to Corner Brook and many places in between. She has been working with Sister Alice Walsh in Piccadilly for the past three years and will continue to work there with Sister Rosalie Carey. She is a woman who is able to turn her hand to many things, from cooking, sewing and crafts to gardening and office work. Of all the ministries she has been involved with over the years, Sister says that she has always most enjoyed visiting the sick and the elderly.

A celebration was held in her home town of Irishtown on September 13, 2014, a date chosen so that all of her family could be in attendance. She greatly appreciated and enjoyed the festivities organized in her honour by her family, which included Mass, a hot dinner and an evening of entertainment by the Griffins. In lieu of gifts, which Sister Margie preferred not to receive, an altar cloth was donated to St. Brendan’s Church in her name.

When asked what had called her to the religious life, Sister Margie answered quite simply, “God called me.” She says that while she was in training in the convent, she felt that God had always had His eye on her and that she was in the right place.