Bishop`s Christmas Message

Bishop’s Christmas Message for 2014

Dear People of the Diocese,

The solemnity of the Nativity of our Lord is our annual celebration of our God coming to earth and being born as one of us.  It is the celebration of our God entering so fully and actively into our humanity that we in turn may share in His divinity forever in heaven.

The message of Christmas is one of God joining us here on earth in the midst of our trials, temptations, difficulties and pains, not to instantaneously remove them or wipe them away, but to be with us in the midst of them, sharing them with us in such a way as to help us to face them, accept them and conquer them through the power of the beauty, goodness and love that are also present here and are but a foretaste of the beauty, goodness and love that can be ours forever with Him in heaven.

Emmanuel, “God is with us” is the great message of Christmas:  “God with us” as a baby in a manger, the child of travellers so poor and alone that their child is born in a stable;  “God with us” in such a profound yet simple way that the course of history is changed forever; “God with us” for all peoples of every time and place no matter what their state, their challenges, their situation; “God with us” as light in our darkness, hope in our struggles and joy in our hearts for ever and always.

Praying that all may know the joy and the peace that can only come from accepting the gift of God’s presence in our hearts and in our lives, I remain,

Yours in Christ,

+Peter Hundt

Bishop of Corner Brook and Labrador