Bishop Hundt`s Easter Message

Bishop Hundt’s Easter Message

Dear People of the Diocese,

“Peace be with you” is the greeting that Jesus extended to those to whom He appeared after His resurrection from the dead.  “Peace be with you” He said to those who had given up hope, who thought that He was gone for ever and that all He had taught and preached had been to no avail.

Like those people, we too are in need of hearing this message from our Resurrected Lord:  “Peace be with you” as we struggle with illness and pain and loss;  “Peace be with you” as we read of war and brutality and injustice in so many parts of our world;  “Peace be with you” as we fight against the temptation to be apathetic and passive regarding the moral issues of abortion, assisted suicide and care of the environment.

The peace that the Resurrected Christ offered to his disciples, and that He offers to you and me, is a peace that comes from believing in Him and in the power of His love: a love so powerful that it has conquered even sin and death; a love so personal that it is offered to each of us individually within the context of our own unique situation and need.

Praying that each of you may know the Peace of Christ during this Easter Season and always,

Yours in the Risen Christ,

+Peter Hundt

Bishop of Corner Brook and Labrador