National Week for Life and the Family

This National Week is part of an ongoing pastoral initiative on the part of the CCCB to promote family and life. As is stated in the document outlining the rationale and the components of this initiative,

Seen through Christian eyes, the family is "the domestic Church" (ecclesia domestica). The Christian family, like the Church as a whole, should be a place where the truth of the Gospel is the rule of life and the gift which the family members bring to the wider community. The family is not simply the object of the Church's pastoral care; it is also one of the Church's most effective agents of evangelization. Christian families are today called to witness to the Gospel in difficult times and circumstances, when the family itself is threatened by an array of forces.

The family is the leaven of transformation for a world desperately in need of the Good News. It is also the key to the New Evangelization. More than ever, Christian families need to be encouraged and sustained as they strive to live and proclaim the Gospel.

In his Message for the National Week for Life and the Family, the President of the CCCB, Douglas Crosby OMI, Bishop of Hamilton, says the following:

With my brother Bishops, it is my prayer that during this year’s Week for Life and the Family, you as today’s disciples of Christ, with your families, from coast to coast to coast, will gather around the Table of the Lord to draw more deeply from the cup of his transforming love. Following the example of our Mother Mary and good Saint Joseph, and through their intercession, may our homes become havens of peace where the way of Christ is cherished and nurtured, and schools of mercy in which children flourish and future generations learn to give of themselves joyfully and generously.

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