2016 Christmas Message from Bishop Hundt

Dear People of the Diocese,

At Christmas we celebrate God’s love for us taking human form through the birth of His Son Jesus as a baby born to a poor couple in Bethlehem of Judea.  It is a religious solemnity through which we praise God for this gift of His love and in which we are reminded that love is often made incarnate in small, quiet and hidden ways.

Christmas is a very special time for us and for our society.  It is a celebration that calls forth the best in us, inviting us to be generous, loving and kind, not just to family and friends, but to all people of good will.  It invites us to remember that love is real and is meant to be shared, and that it is by sharing it that we receive it, are blessed by it, and ourselves become a blessing.

Hoping that this Christmas will be one in which each of us will give and receive the blessing of love shared and treasured, and asking that you join with me in praying for God’s love to become ever more incarnate through the generosity, sharing and kindness of all of us who bear the name of “Christian”, I remain,

Yours in Christ,

+Peter Hundt

Bishop of Corner Brook and Labrador