Sr. Paula Delahunty : The Golden Jubilee

Sr. Paula Delahunty, PBVM, made the move into her sixth decade of professed religious life, having made her first profession in 1961.  She currently works in Piccadilly with Sr. Alice, and has done so since her arrival in 2008.

Sr. Paula was born in the community of Calvert, on the Avalon Peninsula, in 1942. She remembers two great-aunts who were both members of the Presentation Sisters, and suspects that their joyful example was a likely influence on her decision to enter Religious Life. She entered in 1958 and went to the Mother House in St. John’s, which is immediately adjacent to the Basilica. All new Presentation Sisters in Newfoundland began their training and Religious lives there.

 Trained as a teacher, she moved about extensively, teaching in a broad range of locations throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, from Davis Inlet to St. John’s, and many places in between. Her movements took her abroad as well. Starting in 1996 she spent some time in the West Indies, teaching pedagogy. Pedagogy is teaching methodology, and in doing this, the highly successful methods used by the Sisters in Newfoundland have spread to other nations.

 When asked whether she had any favourite postings, Sr. Paula comments that there was something special to her heart in every place. It has always been the people of the communities who touched her soul. We thank Sr. Paula for her own marvellous example, and pray for many young women to follow in her footsteps.