Bishop Hundt's Message

November 27, 2011

 Dear People of the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador:

 This weekend we begin a new liturgical year, and we begin to use the new English translation of the Roman Missal.  This new English translation of the Roman Missal is a more literal translation of the original Latin and presents the prayers of the Mass in rich, beautifully crafted prose. 

 It will take us awhile to become accustomed to this new translation.  We have been using the former translation for over forty years and to now change how we respond to “The Lord be with you” and what we recite in proclaiming the Gloria, the Holy Holy, etc. will take some time and some effort.  However, in a year from now, these revised prayers and responses will have become familiar and comfortable to us and we will be amused to think back on how, at first, they had seemed awkward and difficult.

 This time of beginning to use the new English translation, is an excellent opportunity for us to reflect on what we are doing and celebrating in the prayer of the Mass.  It is an excellent opportunity for us to renew our understanding of how Jesus Christ makes himself present to us at the Mass in Word and Sacrament.  Also, it is an excellent opportunity for us to re-examine whether our exterior posture and gestures, and our interior state and attitude are worthy of this prayer which is “the source and summit of the Christian life.” 

 Praying that this new translation will be a blessing for all the priests and people of this diocese,

I remain,

 Yours in Christ,

 (Most Reverend) Peter Hundt

Bishop of Corner Brook and Labrador