The Introductory Rites

Corinna Laughlin and Kristopher W. Seaman

The Introductory Rites of the Eucharistic liturgy draw us into the Mass. The Sign of the Cross, marked on our bodies, identifies us as disciples who were baptised into the Triune God: “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” Through the greeting, “The Lord be with you. / And with your spirit,” we pray for each other and ask for God’s presence in our midst. Then we acknowledge our dependence on our gracious and merciful God by asking our Lord to have mercy: Kyrie, eleison. Christ liberates us from sin and death so that we may be reborn into His life of grace, mercy, and love. Our only response to God’s kindness, compassion, and mercy is praise, as we sing, “Glory to God in the highest ...” The Collect unites – or “collects” – the personal prayers spoken in each of our hearts and minds into a prayer connected to the feast and the liturgical time.


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