Thank You and Farewell


Sister Lorraine Power was born in St. John’s and completed her early education there, graduating from Holy Heart of Mary Regional High School in 1960.  She began her teaching career in that same school in 1963 as a member of the Sisters of Mercy Congregation.   Following that she pursued further studies and taught and was administrator in many schools in various places on the island of Newfoundland.

At one point a cardiac condition brought her back to St. John’s, and she spent a year working with National Sea Products.  Her health improved and she went back into the field of education.  In 1979 she received permission from her congregation to study medicine, and overcoming the challenges of age, health and education she enrolled in Faculty of Medicine at MUN in 1981.  In 1989 she began her work in coastal Labrador, retiring from Blanc Sablon, roughly twenty years later.  Since that time she has devoted herself mainly to serving the people of West St. Modeste in whatever way possible.