Catholic Biblical Association of Canada

The Canadian Biblical Association of Canada (CBAC) has one of the best, most interactive websites available for anyone interested in the Holy Scriptures. Accessible to all ages, this website is constantly updated, and provides an incredibly rich variety of resources for anyone with the desire to enrich one’s life with the Word of God.


Its services are broad, and an unfailing link to our Biblical roots. The Catholic Church compiled the Bible as we know it today, and it seeks ever to make it available to all. Some of these services include:


  • Videos of Biblical lectures
  • Ongoing, well-written blogs
  • Pilgrimages to the Holy Land
  • Opportunities to present your own experiences!
  • Resources for Priests, RCIA programmes, Catechetical instruction, Knights of Columbus, Catholic Women’s Leagues, and much more!


If you want to ‘dig in’ to the Sacred Scriptures more deeply, this is a great place to begin, and a great place to continue!