Letter to the People of the Diocese

Dear People of the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador:

This coming Tuesday I will be installed as the Archbishop of St. John’s.  On that same day, I will be officially appointed the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador until the installation of a new Bishop of the diocese.

I will share information regarding the appointment and installation of the new Bishop as it becomes available.  However, I expect it will be several months yet before those announcements are made.   In the meantime, I will try to spend some time each month in this diocese; and, be available when needed. The diocesan staff, both here and in St. John’s, will be able to contact me whenever necessary.  Once the appointment of the new Bishop is announced, I will invite you to join me for a Mass of Thanksgiving to mark the end of my time in this diocese; and, to publically express my gratitude and farewell to the priests, religious and people of the diocese.

During the time when a diocese is without a Bishop, those entrusted with the care of the diocese are instructed to avoid all innovations and never to act in a way that could prejudice either the good of the diocese or the rights of the Bishop.  With this instruction in mind, the Diocesan Pastoral Planning Advisory Committee has decided that, until the new Bishop has been installed, the Conference that was scheduled for this June must be put on hold.  While awaiting the appointment of the new Bishop, the Advisory Committee will be preparing a short summary of the Diocesan Pastoral Planning Process for him.  It hopes that this summary will provide him with a sense of the process; and, help him discern how best to proceed in his care of the diocese and its people.

I am pleased to have been the bishop of this diocese; and, to have participated with you in this Diocesan Pastoral Planning process.  I think this process has been a tool for growth, discernment and healing at the parish and the diocesan level.  Furthermore, I am grateful to all the clergy, religious and laity of the diocese with whom I have been blessed to serve and work these past eight years. It is your input and positive involvement that make our Catholic Communities healthy and vibrant; and, also that make present in this diocese “… the hope to which we are called …”

With gratitude and best wishes,

+Peter Hundt