Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Renovates!

The Parish of Our Lady of Lourdes has a fine accomplishment to celebrate! In the interest of beautifying the Parish church, as well as providing new facilities, several additions have been completed.

            These renovations include, amongst other things: a new atrium, with a skylight view of recently-installed stained glass depicting Our Lady; the beautiful St. Bernadette’s chapel, which includes a relic of the saint herself; a spacious meeting room; and a new kitchen. They all fit the church’s architecture, and were built by local artisans from across the Parish.

The labours were many, and hurdles came up repeatedly. At one frustration, a prayer to the Blessed Virgin was made in their famous Grotto: “This is all for you, so if you want this, you have to help!” On the same day the Blessed Virgin interceded, and the needed help came in the form of visiting tourists who provided necessary skills. This prayer then became a standard in the days that followed. And what an accomplishment it is!

These photographs give a small idea of the results. But to be truly appreciated, it must be visited.