New and Clear Directives Regarding Funerals

In response to Provincial Health Regulations and for the safety of all those entrusted to our care, the following precautions are to be used at all Catholic Funerals in our Diocese:


  • No wakes.
  • Funeral services without Mass (no distribution of communion).
  • Numbers in attendance “as close to zero as possible” (less than 5) with an absolute maximum in keeping with our health authority (presently less than 10).
  • Work with funeral homes to make the service available via live streaming.
  • The front door must be tended by a door attendant (to control cross contamination and guest list).
  • Seating arrangements should be tightly controlled and respect social distancing.
  • All music books should be removed from the pews.
  • Seating area should be disinfected before and after the service.
  • Graveyard service should respect social distancing.


Bishop Bart in communicaiton with his priests goes on to say:

"I realize that these are extraordinary measures and that they may not be received well by everyone.  I, therefore urge those who are charged with leadership in our parishes to use the greatest of pastoral skills in communicating with the family and the general public in implementing them.  It is, therefore, essential that we make ourselves available to anyone that might have concerns with any one of these precautions, that we do our utmost to listen to them and, where possible, be proactive in reaching out to those who we know might be most impacted by these precautions."