The Holy Father's COVID19 Emergency Fund

Dear Friend,

Peace be with you. The Holy Father has established an emergency fund at the Pontifical MissionSocieties, in order to come to the aid of those people and communities who are being tragically impacted by the spread of COVID-19. The Emergency Fund will be used to accompany communities in mission countries via Church structures and institutions.

The Holy Father is calling upon the Church’s entire vast network to face the challenges ahead and has designated an initial contribution for the fund. He asked that individuals and Church entitiesthat are able and desirous to help, to contribute to this fund through the Pontifical MissionSocieties in each Country.

May you be blessed and protected by Christ’s loving embrace. Be assured of our prayers for you and your family. Thank you for your love and care for the missions. Happy Easter!

Yours in Christ, Rev. Alex Osei, C.S.Sp.                                                                                                          National Director

The address and particulars for donating can be found in this flyer.

For those who wish to donate directly through the Pontifical Missions website, visit, go to "Emergency Appeal Fund"  scroll down to the "I'd like to donate now" button.