Family Connections

For those who are looking for renewal in the Church, their parish, their family and in their own personal lives there is no better place to begin than fostering a closer personal relationship with Christ.  A minute, once or twice a day, in silent reflection before the crucified Christ on the cross, a few minutes set aside to read an excerpt from the Gospels, a morning offering at the beginning of each day, these are but a few simple activities that both foster and nourish new life, coming before the Lord Jesus and asking him: “Lord, teach me to pray… fill me with New Life.”

“Family Connections” is my attempt to offer simple ways to help foster the gift of faith at home.  Designed with the hectic pace so often prevalent in most people’s lives, it takes advantage of the quieter moments of the day, mealtimes and bedtimes, to offer a story, a prayer, a thought, a tradition or an activity to spark a question, a conversation or a personal reflection.

“Family Connections” is designed to strengthen bonds within families, between families and with Christ.  It is hoped that, in time, families will want to connect with other families to share ideas and experiences that will further enhance the lived faith at home.   In this way, “Family Connections” should be be a springboard to the work of the Spirit, active and alive in each home, providing the spark that (re)lights the flame of faith in our hearts.

I pray that many people will give the resource a chance, taking from it what is good and adapting that which may require tailoring to your own circumstances and needs.  “Family Connections” is intended as a tool and an invitation, “Come and see” the Lord said to his disciples.

“Family Connections” is based on the Sunday Gospel.  The first issue will be available just prior to the September 12th – 13th weekend.  Subsequent issues will follow, on a weekly basis, throughout the year.  It can be accessed on our diocesan webpage: or by e-mail by contacting the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis at   Check with your parish if they will make it available on their webpage.  Parishes may want to supplement the resource with their own ideas and by offering their own network of support to families.

Pope Francis reminds us that the parish (and the priest) is called to serve the people in their need.  There is no greater need today, than to know the Lord, the Author of all that is good.  A knowledge that goes beyond learning the things we know about Jesus, but a personal encounter that changes lives and instills a greater love to serve him in others and in the care of his creation.