Due to health issues, Father Don Leonard retired from his ministry as Chaplain of Institutions as of July 2nd. Father Don gave generously of himself in service to the sick, and their families, at the Western Health Regional Hospital, the Long Term Care Facility and at other health care institutions in the Corner Brook area. He was also chaplain to the university in Corner Brook and was very much involved in the Bay of Island Ministerial Association.

Father Don’s call to priestly ministry came at the end of a teaching career, and upon the death of his wife. He says that his own illness and personal suffering formed him for ministry to the sick and that his story can be found in Psalm 139.

He adds,“ I loved every minute of it and was blessed to be able to do it. It afforded me great grace and blessings and, humbly, I believe it graced and blessed those to whom I ministered.”

Father Leonard hopes that his health may recover to the point where he will once again be able to provide priestly ministry. Please join with him in praying that this hope of his may be realized.