Categories: General
      Date: Feb  6, 2013
     Title: Catholic Missions In Canada
During Mass on Ash Wednesday, February 13, there will be a special collectin for Catholic Missions In Canada.

Catholic Missions In Canada was established in the early years of the twentieth century, when large numbers of people were settling in the Canadian West.  Originally called The Catholic Church Extension Society of Canada, the organization’s mandate was the preservation and diffusion of the Catholic faith in the Canadian territories. In the early days, the organization collected funds in the East and recruited priests in the Atlantic Provinces to go West and serve in remote parishes.

The stated mission of Catholic Missions In Canada today is to sustain and extend the Catholic Faith in isolated, poor and hard-to-reach areas in Canada. Due to changing demographics and the economic decline of the Atlantic region in recent years, many parishes in our diocese have sought and received financial assistance from this group in the past and continue to receive funding from them.

For more information about Catholic Missions In Canada or to read some of the stories about people and parishes who are helped by this group, go to