Categories: General
      Date: Sep 22, 2020
     Title: Needs of the Church in Canada


This coming weekend’s second collection “for the needs of the Church in Canada” provides the financial resources for those works that either assist individual dioceses or go beyond the scope of any one diocese to provide.  The ongoing publication of new liturgical and catechetical resources, the ongoing work to promote Catholic teaching and the coordination of Canada-wide pastoral initiatives with our First Nations Peoples play a vital part in our diocese and parishes.  The bishops’ annual gathering, from Sept. 21st to 25th, twice-a-year regional meetings and committee work is also supported by these same funds.

Let us pray for the success of the ongoing collaboration of our Canadian Bishops and our willingness to be part of their work through our prayerful support.  We pray to the Lord:


More information is available on the CCCB web site.