Categories: General
      Date: Jul 20, 2021
     Title: Message from the CCCB

First World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly

The CCCB Standing Committee for Family and Life has released a short video message for the First World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly, which will take place on Sunday, 25 July 2021.  It will take place each year on the fourth Sunday in July, close to the feast of Sts Joachim and Anne, Jesus’ grandparents

"The video message brings to life the theme chosen for this day, “I am with you always” (cf. Mt 28:20). It seeks to encourage young people, families, and communities to draw near and to spend time with grandparents and the elderly, cherishing their essential role for the Church and society.

Pastoral care of the elderly is an urgent responsibility of the Christian community, calling us to spend time with one another relating and sharing in intergenerational conversations. Young people are especially encouraged to enter into dialogue with older generations and find time to dream together about our hopes for a better world." (CCCB July 19. 2021)

The video and other resources are  available by clicking here.

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