What's Alpha All About?

It is an opportunity to explore Christianity with good company, good food, great videos, lots of questions, lively discussion, and no pressure.

Our first ALPHA course has just finished. There were 37 participants in all...27 guests, 8 small group leaders, a coordinator and a priest. The ages of those involved ranged from 31 - 78 years. The majority were first-time attendees and they came from the three Roman Catholic parishes in Corner Brook along with two from other Christian denominations.

The feedback questionnaire revealed that most came to the course through the invitation of a friend or relative. They came searching for meaning and a spiritual purpose in life. Some came out of curiosity, but stayed to see what the course had to offer.

The three top benefits listed were: 1) a strengthening of existing faith, 2)making new friends and 3) feeling more at peace.

One person said "I felt this course was very uplifting spiritually. I felt strengthened mentally and physically." Another said "I debunked some myths and have a broader view of things."

If there is an expressed interest, we will consider offering it again in 2012.