Sexual Misconduct Policy



The Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador is committed to giving witness to the gospel values  of compassion and justice in its ministry and service. For this reason the Diocese has put in  place a Responsible Ministry Policy aimed at preventing sexual misconduct and protecting the  vulnerable and the clergy, directors of parish life,  employees and volunteers who serve  them.  For the same reason the Diocese has put in place the following Sexual Misconduct Policy  for a responsible intervention whenever sexual misconduct is alleged to have  occurred.

The Diocese is committed to responding in a timely, responsible, professional, pastoral and  compassionate manner to all instances in which a member of the clergy, a director of parish  life, an employee or a volunteer is reported to have been engaged in behavior that has  resulted in an allegation of sexual misconduct. Furthermore, the Diocese recognizes and is  committed to honoring provincial reporting obligations regarding child sexual abuse and to  cooperating with law enforcement and child protection agencies as required by law.

This Diocesan Sexual Misconduct Policy is meant to be fair and responsive to the pastoral needs  of the alleged victim and of the accused perpetrator.  It is  meant to facilitate  cooperation and avoid interference with civil authorities responsible for investigating  allegations of sexual misconduct.

This policy applies to all allegations of sexual misconduct.

Sexual Misconduct Policy of the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador